This article explains how to use the OERTX LTI 1.3 tool to add OERTX content to Blackboard courses. We will call this the OERTX LTI tool in this article. Your screens will be slightly different from these example screens, but the functionality should be the same.

Accessing My Collections, My Items, and My Groups

Here are preview images of the content provided by the OERTX LTI tool. When an instructor adds a new activity using the OERTX LTI tool, the instructor will be able to search and browse items in their college’s Collections, their own personal saved Items, and their OERTX Group folders. 

This screen shows what browsing My Collections looks like in the OERTX LTI tool.

This screen shows what browsing My Items looks like in the OERTX LTI tool.

This screen shows what browsing My Group folders looks like in the OERTX LTI tool.


Add an OERTX LTI Link to Your Blackboard Course

  1. Log in to Blackboard and navigate to your desired course. 

  2. Select Content from the menu on the left side of the screen.

  3. If the menu on the left side of the screen is hidden, hover over the blue/green border on the left of the screen to expose the arrow tab. Select the tab to reveal the menu.

Left: The hidden tab that exposes the Content menu. Right: The exposed Content menu.

  1. Select the Build Content tab at the top of the screen.

  2. In the Create section, find and select OERTX. With this OERTX LTI tool, you can view the content collections. (Your LMS Administrator may name the tool something other than OERTX. Watch for communications from the LMS Administrator to confirm the name.) (Note: The list in the Create section is long and not alphabetized. We recommend using the browser search to find OERTX in the list. Activate the search while you’re in the dropdown list. It’s tricky, but not impossible. Alternatively, you can scroll to find OERTX.)

  1. If a login screen appears, enter your OERTX credentials. You only have to link your credentials once to the OERTX LTI tool. 

  2. After you log in, review the OERTX Collections available for your college. (This sample screen may not reflect your collections.)

Search, Browse, Preview, and Select Content to Add to your Course

After you select your desired course and add the OERTX LTI tool to view your Collections, the steps below apply to Collections, Items, and Groups. Here we will focus on Collections.

In My Collections, you can:

  1. Select the desired collection and browse or filter results by Course tags aligned to NCCCS standards, Subject, and Material type. Here we will select the Mathematics Assessment Project collection.

  2. Search Resources by keywords. (Note that you must be in the My Items tab or the My Group tab to search for content in My Items or My Groups, respectively.)

  3. Preview the content.

  4. Choose Select to embed the content in your course. 

  5. Let’s select the Sidewalk Stones activity for our course. 

This screen shows the teacher’s view of the Sidewalk Stones activity embedded in a course. 

Using the Content Toolbar

When viewing an embedded item in your course, as in the previous screen, a toolbar appears above the content. On the toolbar, you can:

  1. Rate the content with stars

  2. Select Save on the toolbar to save the content to My Items or My Groups

  3. Report the content

This screen shows the full set of menu items that appear if you expand your browser window. 

Additional Resources

Refer to these articles on the OERTX Help Center.