Installation Process Overview

Here is a high-level overview of the installation process. 

  1. When ISKME releases the LTI 1.3 tool to OERTX, ISKME will also provide the single Client ID to be used for all Blackboard tool installations in OERTX. The OERTX Administrator refers to Blackboard LTI 1.3 Tool Consumer Info for OERTX for the Client ID, as well as other data necessary for the LTI 1.3 setup.

  2. The OERTX Administrator sends an email to the LMS Administrator for each college using Blackboard. The email contains the tool’s Client ID and a link to this article.

  3. The LMS Administrator installs the LTI 1.3 tool in Blackboard using the Client ID, and sends the school’s unique Deployment ID to the OERTX Administrator.

  4. The OERTX Administrator configures each Deployment ID associated with the Blackboard Tool Consumer in the OERTX Site Admin and notifies the LMS Administrators to begin testing the tool.

  5. The LMS Administrator creates a placement in Blackboard for the LTI 1.3 tool so instructors can access the LTI tool and add links to their courses. 

Supported Browsers and Platforms

ISKME supports the LTI 1.3 tool in OERTX in Blackboard Classic and Blackboard Ultra in these browsers and platforms.

Operating System

(last 2 versions)


Windows 10

Firefox, Chrome, Edge

Mac OS 11

Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Mac OS 10.15

Firefox, Chrome, Safari

ChromeOS 87



Android 10

Firefox, Chrome

Android 11

Firefox, Chrome

iOS 10.14

Firefox, Chrome, Safari

Content Selection

The LTI 1.3 tool allows any educator to browse and embed media objects alongside other content within assignments, or to select content which comprises entire modules, lessons, or units. All users can search content added to OERTX Collections. Additionally, users can also browse or search content from Group Shared Folders and personal My Items libraries, if that content has been configured and made available. 

Authentication and Account Provisioning

The tool will automatically create new OERTX accounts for instructors if they don’t already have one, and grant instructors access to all of their college’s private OERTX collections and all shared OERTX collections. Account information from OERTX is not collected or stored for student users. Instead, students have view-only access to OERTX content that their instructors have embedded in Blackboard courses.

LTI 1.3 Tool Preview Images

Below are preview images of the content provided by the LTI tool. When an instructor adds a new activity using the OERTX LTI tool, the instructor will be able to search and browse items in their college’s Collections, their own personal saved Items, and their OERTX Group folders. For more details, refer to Blackboard Classic or Ultra: Adding OERTX Content to Courses with the LTI 1.3 Tool. Your screens will be slightly different from these example screens, but the functionality should be the same.

This screen shows what browsing My Collections looks like in the LTI 1.3 tool.

This screen shows what browsing My Items looks like in the LTI 1.3 tool.

This screen shows what browsing My Group folders looks like in the LTI 1.3 tool.

Getting Set Up in Blackboard

LTI 1.3 must be installed by your OERTX Administrator and your LMS Administrator. It can’t be installed by teachers or course managers. For more information about LTI 1.3’s security features, refer to Why Platforms and Tools Should Adopt LTI 1.3 by IMS Global. 

Installing and Configuring the App in Blackboard

As the LMS Administrator, your OERTX Administrator will provide you with the Blackboard LTI 1.3 Client ID and these instructions. Follow these steps to create a new LTI Tool in Blackboard Classic or Ultra. (We provide Ultra instructions and screen captures when they differ from Classic.)

  1. As the LMS Administrator, log in to Blackboard Classic and select the System Admin tab in the top navigation. (In Blackboard Ultra, select Admin from the left navigation.)



  1. On the Systems Admin screen, find Integrations, and then select LTI Tool Providers.

  1. On the LTI Tool Providers screen, select Register LTI 1.3/Advantage Tool.

  1. Enter the Client ID provided by your OERTX administrator, and select Submit.

  1. On the Modify LTI 1.3 Tool screen, in the Tool Status section, notice that the fields for Deployment ID, Initiate Login URL, Tool Redirect URLs, JWKS URL, and Domain are autopopulated. (Name and Description will be different than shown here.) Please copy the Deployment ID from this screen and send it to your OERTX Administrator, who will complete the tool setup in OERTX. (Don’t send a screen capture.) Also, copy the Tool Redirect URL, which you will need to create a placement for the tool later in these instructions.

  1. On the Modify LTI 1.3 Tool screen, the fields in the Tool Status and Institution Policies sections are also populated with the default values shown below. Keep the default settings, with the exception of Name, which is not required. Note that Allow grade service access must be set to Yes, because the LTI tool is not integrated with the Blackboard gradebook.

  2. When you are finished on this screen, select Submit.

  1. To find the Deployment ID or Tool Redirect URL later:

    1. Go to System Admin (Admin in Ultra) find Integrations, and then select LTI Tool Providers.

    2. On the LTI Tool Providers screen, search the alphabetical list for the OERTX tool. 

    3. Hover on the OERTX tool name to display the dropdown menu arrow.

    4. Select the arrow and select Edit from the dropdown menu.

Create a Placement for LTI 1.3 Tool

Follow these steps to make the installed LTI tool visible to instructors in Blackboard so they can add content to their courses. As the LMS Administrator, you can decide when to do this step. The tool will only work after the OERTX Administrator completes the configuration using the Deployment ID.

  1. Go to System Admin (Admin in Ultra) find Integrations, and then select LTI Tool Providers.

  2. On the LTI Tool Providers screen, search the alphabetical list for the OERTX tool. 

  1. Hover on the OERTX tool name to display the dropdown menu arrow.

  2. Select the arrow and select Manage Placements from the dropdown menu.

  1. On the Manage Placements screen, select Create Placement. 

  1. In the Label field, enter OERTX.

  2. In the Handle field, enter your desired UUID.

  3. In the Type section, keep the default selection for Deep Linking content tool.

  1. In the Target Link URI field, enter the Tool Redirect URL that you copied from Step 5 or Step 8 of the previous section called Installing and Configuring the App in Blackboard.

  2. Select Submit. As soon as your OERTX Administrator completes the configuration in the microsite, instructors will be able to access the OERTX content for their courses.

  1. The completed Managed Placement screen. 

  1. After the OERTX Administrator notifies you that the tool is configured, let your instructors know the tool name that you chose so they can access the tool to add content to their courses.

Technical Documentation and Troubleshooting

Refer to LTI 1.3 Troubleshooting and Technical Documentation (for all LMSs) as a first step in supporting your users.

Additional Resources

Refer to these articles on the OERTX Help Center.