Welcome to OERTX

The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board is pleased to welcome you to OERTX, a digital repository of open educational resources (OER) for Texas students and educational institutions. OERTX is provided through a partnership between the Coordinating Board and the Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education (ISKME) and is made possible by an appropriation from the Texas Legislature.

OERTX is designed to facilitate the curation of OER e-textbooks and other OER materials used frequently by Texas institutions of higher education and to support the creation and customization of resources to meet the needs of Texas students and faculty.

All OERTX resources are free and available to any user. I invite you to explore these growing collections of educational resources, including e-textbooks for Texas Core Curriculum courses, materials for career and technical courses to promote reskilling and upskilling of the Texas workforce, and other resources to support effective teaching and learning. I encourage you to participate in the OERTX community by authoring content, providing reviews of existing materials, and joining an OER group of interest.

OERTX is a shared space for the Texas OER community. I hope you will consider authoring, reviewing, and using OER to help make OERTX an outstanding resource for Texas faculty and students. I look forward to the work our Texas innovators will create to ensure all Texas students have opportunities to benefit from high-quality educational materials that are open and affordable.


Harrison Keller, Ph.D.

Commissioner of Higher Education

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